KORION KRAKAKAU Nadpilickie Bestyjki "Korek"

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KORION KRAKAKAU Nadpilickie Bestyjki "Korek"

Post  spy77 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:10 pm

CHPL, JCh, J Winner Club, CACIB, BOB, vice EAST CUP Winner 2010, CRUFT nomination

KORION KRAKAKAU Nadpilickie Bestyjki "Korek"
(F: INTCH Gloris RIVALDO M: REJKA REVILLA Nadpilickie Bestyjki)

born 03.09.2007

34,5 cm


children: 6 black and 19 black and silver (with 5 females)

Some children's photos


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Re: KORION KRAKAKAU Nadpilickie Bestyjki "Korek"

Post  spy77 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:40 pm

Korion's children:

LENKA LA SPEZIA Nadpilickie Bestyjki JChPl JWinnerSk'11 JWinnerClubSk'11 BIS Junior ClubSk'11 JWinnerClubPl'11 BISPuppyIV (black&silver)

GRATKA GRENLANDIA Nadpilickie Bestyjki - JChPL JChCz JWinnerCz Best Puppy Club'10 BISJuniorKl II, BISBabyIV CWC BOBJunior (black)

GABOR GREENOCK Nadpilickie Bestyjki -CAJC, BOBJunior, BOB, CWC, Best Puppy Club'10 (black)

GAMKA GAMBIA Nadpilickie Bestyjki - CAJC, BOB Junior, Best Baby, BISBaby II (black)

AGAMA Rębkowo - 2xCAJC, BOBJunior (black&silver)

ABYE'S DREAM Whisper od Wind - JChPL, BOB (black&silver)

some children's photos:


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