Playboy Dyma d'el Casa di Vita (TIM)

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Playboy Dyma d'el Casa di Vita (TIM)

Post  Tulpashoeve on Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:28 pm

F: Bingo v.d. Havenstad
M. Dyma Chesna d'el Casa di Vita

Tim is Dutch Youth Champion 2012 and Dutch Champion 2013 and born 17 december 2010

Tim is available for stud for suitable pedigree bitches.
His eyes are tested and PRA, Cataract free and he has no Thyroid gland related problems.
Tim has been put out to stud a number of times, resulting in nice, healthy puppies.

In addition to his excellent black coat texture, Tim has a beautiful head, correct bite, is well angulated with good neck and topline. He is well balanced with excellent movements.
“He shows a proud step”, as one Judge remarked.

Tim is a stout fellow, cautious but once assured all is well – which is quite rapidly – you are his friend.
Good with other dogs and children. In sum, an amicable, well-behaved and loyal friend!


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